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Who we are?

Since 1960, REIFLEXA (formerly Gummi Reischl) has been involved in producing compensators and hose lines.Operating from Hamburg, we work globally with international partners. Close cooperation with the most powerful suppliers in Germany and Europe, as well as our well-founded special knowledge, ensure for us a strong position in this market.

What makes us so special?

Since our foundation, we have been constantly developing our products further. In the past decades, we have set new standards with new ideas, innovations and development. Lorem ipsum is placeholder text commonly used in the graphic, print, and publishing industries for previewing layouts and visual mockups.

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Development of the first expansion bellow compensator with flanges that can be rotated.


Development of the fully-symmetrical hose coupling to DN 150 for rough-condition employment in the German armed forces and navy.


Development of the sea-supply harness of the navy stem/bow supply with tension-relief restrained hoses.

What We Offer



REIFLEXA-Compensators are made from various elastomers and provide the flexible element in pipework that is indispensable in todays technically advanced plant and machinery installations. By using well quality proven rubber compositions, combined with many years experience REIFLEXA-Compensators guarantee maximum safety and a high-quality standard.


We lead following hoses in our assortment.